Senior Sitter

As a single mom to 5 children, I am all too familiar with the challenges of finding reliable child care. When you are traveling, you should have the same assurances that you have at home! I birthed this company out of my love for working with children through events such as church programs, weddings, family reunions and sleepovers! I have always had a passion for designing fun activities/themes for such occasions, and I also just really enjoy watching children play- they grow and learn so much with each interaction. I recently graduated Yavapai College with my degree in Early Childhood Education.



Super Sitter

Some of my favorite people are children! I began babysitting as a
young girl in Minnesota, and have been around kids all of my life.
I have two adult children, who are my pride and joy. As they went
through their school years, I was in their classrooms once a week
as a parent volunteer.
Over the years I have worked in a pre-school, a Montessori
School and other settings caring for and playing with the children.
More recently, I have been bringing Mindfulness practices to
children to aid with social/emotional skills, relaxation and self
regulation. I am patient, kind and love to interact with playfulness.



Junior Sitter

I love to babysit. I have always loved little kids and I have been taking care of children for my whole life. Ever since I could remember, I have done so, whether it was my family or friends; I was always put in charge of the littles. I also teach dance at my dance school. I have been teaching for 4 years and I love every single one of my kiddos. I also love to read, kayak and relax with friends and family. I find that all of these things are very good for me and really make me happy. After high school I want to travel. I have always lived in a small town and I want to see other things, but I can't decide where I want to go to college or what I want to do but I know I'll find something perfect.



Junior Sitter

When I am not working with children, I am usually at school practicing for theater productions or reading a book. I am the oldest of 6 siblings and tons of cousins and have been put in charge of taking care of them a lot. This gives me a ton of experience with kids! I love children because of their imagination and especially babies and their ability to find joy in the simple parts of everyday life.